residential window coatings

Residential Window Coatings


Glass windows and doors represent the most extreme areas for heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The amount of heat loss through glass is tremendous and it is the largest cause of spikes in your seasonal utility bills. Replacing your old windows with new windows can easily cost 5 times more and take up to a week for installation. Our residential window coating services can lower your utility bills, especially during peak seasonal temperatures, and increase your indoor living comfort. Additionally, coated windows offer an enhanced level of privacy when your window coverings are drawn back without any negative effects on your ability to see through your windows.

Residential Window Coating Projects

Click on the images below to view real world applications of residential window coating projects.

Some of the popular reasons for residential window coatings are:

  • Lower utility bills by controlling heat transfer out in the winter or in during the summer. Bills often fall 30%.
  • Minimizes fading of upholstery, including furniture and drapes, by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Safety is enhanced because the film minimizes risks from flying shards of broken glass – a definite concern if you have children.
  • View is improved because the film gives windows the glare reduction capabilities of HD sunglasses.
  • Increased privacy from minimizing the ability to see into your home from outdoors.
  • You can choose the level of darkness or reflectivity.
  • Increased personal security from the ability to make it difficult for criminals to peer into your home and survey your possessions.

A window coating installation can be done with virtually no disruption to your home and will not create a mess or pose a risk of damage to your furniture or flooring. A typical residential window coating project can be done in one-to-two days.

Posted by Chris Teel