Frequently Asked Questions


Posted by Chris Teel

How do I compare the different ways your window films protect against heat, glare, fading and ultraviolet light?

Can the film be removed later if we decide we don’t want it anymore?

What is the warranty on the window film?

Will the window coating void my window manufacturer’s warranty?

What happens if my window manufacturer warranty exceeds the thirty-six months for seal failure?

Does the window film go on the inside or outside of the window?

Will the film installation be messy? Will the installation involve any odor?

Are there any chemicals used in the installation?

Do I need to clean my windows before your coating specialists come out for the film application?

Will the film application make the room too dark?

Does the film bubble or turn purple like I’ve seen on car windows that are tinted?

Do the window films offer any additional privacy?

How do I clean the windows after they have been coated?

Do I still need window coating if I already have Low-E or a factory tint?

Can my skylights be coated?

Why is your warranty better than everyone else’s?

Will window film help me save money on my electric bills?

Are there any tax credits or energy rebates?