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Window Tinting, Prices Worth the Results

The Solar Guys - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Window tinting prices can get rather expensive and if you are not careful you could spend a lot of money on less than good quality window tint. Just like on cars, home window tint can turn colors over time and start to peel away. Plus, if it is not UV blocking, then you are not doing enough to save on your electric bills and protect your furniture and investments.

The Solar Guys offers tinted windows at affordable prices and you can be sure you are receiving high quality tint. Huper Optik window tint blocks UV rays to cool your home and protect your belongings from sun damage. You can save on energy bills in the summer and the winter as well as saving on future furniture purchases. In addition, window film can enhance safety by minimizing risks of flying shards of broken glass and can increase privacy by minimizing the ability to see into your home from outdoors. This is ideal as the film makes it difficult for thieves to peer into your home and survey your possessions.

Installation of window tinting can be done with virtually no disruption to your home and will not create a mess or pose a risk of damage to your furniture or flooring. The process generally takes a couple of days and you can start saving on your electric bills right away. Not only does your air conditioning unit work more efficiently, you can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by reducing thermal transfer with window tint. The best part is that our window tinting prices are affordable so it is a small investment for such big, long term savings.

We have been in business since 2001 and serve a dozen counties in Central Florida. We are The Solar Guys and we specialize in daylight products such as solar tube skylights. We can also install a solar attic fan and offer tinted windows to maximize your utility bill savings on a regular basis. Whether it is the sun or the heat you are trying to eliminate from damaging your home or if you want to add light in dark spaces, we are the people you can trust to get the job done right and on time.

It is time you made some decisions about your quality of living and the protection of your family. Tinted windows offer safety, security and savings. We offer free estimates and knowledgeable technicians that can answer your questions on ways to save money on your utility bills as well as give you our window tinting prices. If you want to save money and protect your investments, then call The Solar Guys today! 

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